In Escape from Stalingrad, you either command a group of German soldiers attempting to escape from the most brutal battle of World War II, or a group of Soviet forces tasked with hunting them down.

--Escape from Stalingrad Z is a Weird World War II variant which will be developed alongside the historical fiction game and is designed as a solo/coop game (all of the rules are otherwise the same). If the escape from the hell fire of Stalingrad was not enough, now you have zombies to contend with. In this variation German and Soviet soldiers team up together to survive the apocalypse.--

     The game plays out over a set of linked Missions that form a Campaign. Each previous engagement in the Campaign will affect the start of the next. Set in the last months of the Stalingrad conflict, there are many factors to overcome if your troopers are to survive. Low ammunition, wounds, lack of food and the bitter cold are your enemies as much as your opponent. Each of your soldiers is a unique character with attributes and skills as well as a background story. The survival of your troops depends upon your ability to conserve resources and exploit your enemy’s weaknesses. You will need to choose your battles wisely; sometimes stealth is more important than firepower.

     The action occurs on a battlefield consisting of one or more terrain boards representing the ruined cityscape of Stalingrad.  Map boards depict bombed out factories, rubble streets, destroyed homes and more. Each Mission will detail how to lay out the boards and what objectives are necessary to be victorious. The going will be tough and not all will survive.

     Escape from Stalingrad - Tactical Combat Simulations is a miniatures game which is played at squad level.  This is to say that each figure on the board represents one soldier, one person.  When playing the game, you are determining the fate of each person in your squad.

     As well, we have included information cards for each figure with pertinent rules or statistics on it. Counters used in the game can be placed on the card or on the board, as the players wish. The Unit Sheets can be printed, and a pen used to keep track of grenades etc.

     We have also included a charts and tables sheet to help give quick facts and rules on the game.

     If you have any questions about the rules, please do not hesitate to contact us at rayboxgames@gmail.com.

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