Launching on Kickstarter April 2022

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💀Welcome player to grim history as seen through the cracked lens of the supernatural… 

💀Escape from Stalingrad Z is a miniatures solo/coop campaign game of tactical combat which is set in the horrific zombie plague of World War Two. The year is 1942 and the city is Stalingrad. Your survivors are veteran soldiers fighting to stave off the zombie hordes in a war-torn wasteland while finding a way to escape from the decimated city. They must work together to find the best path, each scenario giving them options on which way to go next. The players choices determine the fate of the heroes.  The game plays out over a set of linked scenarios that form a campaign, an ongoing story. Each previous scenario in the Campaign will affect the start of the next. 

💀Escape from Stalingrad Z will take you to the most brutal battles the world has ever witnessed. Here in this forsaken place, the unquiet dead stalk the battlefields and hunger for new souls to add to their ranks. You will guide your heroes to survive or perish. Your choices and tactical skills will be tested along with the ingenuity of your survivors. Low ammunition, wounds, lack of food and the bitter cold are your enemies as much as the zombies.. The survival of each of your unique combative specialists, depends upon your ability to conserve resources and exploit the zombie’s weaknesses. You will need to choose your tactics wisely; sometimes stealth is more important than firepower. You may fail the first try at escape but with experience and proven tactics, each attempt will bring you closer to achieving victory. 

💀Once you have learned the rules, all you need to play is contained within the Scenario book, character sheets and punched tokens. The book is coil bound so it can lie flat on your table as a physical play surface. With scenario description on the left and scenario map on the right, your game will take less than a minute to set up. You play directly in the book on the right-hand map. As you open doors, new threats will be revealed. Each scenario has primary and secondary objectives. Each of your characters have unique specialized skills and will gain experience to advance their abilities and assure success. 
Now enter the lands of the undead and prepare to fight for your life. 

💀If you have any questions about the rules, please do not hesitate to email us at hello@rayboxgames.com

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