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Undertake an 

EpiC Viking voyage to


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  • Solo/Coop

  • 1 minute set up.

  • Plays in compact area.

  • Narrative campaign.

  • Level up character skills.

  • Challenging tactical combat.

  • 100 page scenario book.

GRab your axe and Shield. Hel awaits.

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981 AD, early 11th Century Scandinavian. The cruel and egotistical Viking King, Ulric Blackheart ruled land in Norway with an iron fist. Obsessed with the idea of immortality and establishing a dynasty that would last forever, Ulric studied the occult for most of his reign. In the final years of his life, he had a vast and labyrinthian structure built beneath what would become his Tumulus (or burial mound) on a nearby island. This structure was designed to utilize hugr magic so that he could be granted eternal life and untold dark powers. Fearing the activities on the island, his own people rose up against him, and while hundreds were killed within the structure, they managed to entomb him inside and enrapture him in an enchanted sleep.


100 years go by since his imprisonment…


The year is now 1100 AD. Irish Missionaries, along with a small mercenary force, travel to Norway to witness to its people and discover the island of Ulric Blackheart. They are drawn to the power radiating from beneath the earth and establish a monastery atop the remains of the old king’s burial mound. Never once do they suspect what they might be sitting above. Not until it’s too late…


Before long, rumours are carried on the sea breeze across Scandinavia, that the monks on that island are up to no good. None who journey there return, and some claim the monks are abducting Nordic children for nefarious rituals. The descendants of those who originally trapped the diabolical king hear these stories and decide for the sake of the world, the monks must be removed.


A small force of elite warriors is sent to do the deed, but as they near the island, violent storms capsize their vessel, drowning several and casting the survivors along the beach. The island appears to be in chaos - the Monastery is in ruins and unholy zombie monks (still retaining much of their higher intelligence) roam the halls above ground, while undead Vikings lurch mindlessly in the catacombs below. Realizing that Ulric Blackheart is awakening, the survivors band together to perform an incursion into the strange subterranean structure, with the hopes of putting a stop to the zombie king for good…  


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