Classic Metal Miniatures

     Originally released in 1992, Legions of Steel was a squad based, metal miniatures warfare experience that originally competed with Games Workshop for retailer shelf space.

     Alas, the battle was lost, and we have spent 25 years frozen in a cryo chamber, planning our re-entry into the gaming space like a team of evil geniuses. We decided to begin our comeback tour with the release of our legendary metal miniature armies on Kickstarter.

     We kept the masters of HUNDREDS of miniature models, and plan to release some of these models for purchase on Kickstarter.

     Our original Canadian based manufacturer, RAFM, is back on board! Based on our long-established relationship and our original masters in hand, we can do this for a low price point and a very quick delivery date. 

       The plan is to launch our Kickstarter campaign on March 31st and begin production immediately afterward. Because our molds are complete, our manufacturing chain is well established locally. Many of the variables that cause delays have been solved.

     Want some sick looking metal minis, and a print-and-play of the new 2nd Edition beta rules of the game released in 1992? Join us on our quest for world domination today... earthling.

The Core Set of 10 Minis is ONLY $49 USD.

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     As more troops back us on Kickstarter, we will be able to expand our line and offer more amazing metal miniature goodness.



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