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A Fast Paced Sci-Fi Skirmish Miniature Wargame

Legions of Steel, Remastered

"I have yet to find a tactical miniatures game that has the strategic and tactical depth as LoS (Legions of Steel)."

- Board Game Geek

Everything You Need In 1 Box

The boxed set will include everything you will need to play. 21 high quality metal miniatures (36 to 50mm), 32 interlocking map tiles (over 5 square feet of playing surface), 16 Doors, Counters, Dice, Foam miniatures storage, Scenarios, Tutorial and Rules Book.


Easy & fast set-up


Huge replayability with new scenarios released monthly

Play Example.png

2 or more players

60-120 minutes playing time

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A Classic Wargame, Remastered For 2020

Legions of Steel has been played for nearly 30 years by thousands of fans, and has an amazing community that is thriving once again after the successful release (and on-time delivery) of the Classic Legions of Steel Kickstarter earlier this year.


Built on nearly 30 years of lore.


Streamlined rules allow for quick learning and epic games.

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