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Escape from Stalingrad Z - BOX

Escape from Stalingrad Z - BOX

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Welcome to Escape from Stalingrad Z , a game about a dark story viewed through the cracked lens of the supernatural.

Escape from Stalingrad Z is a 1 to 3 player solo/coop/versus narrative campaign game depicting tactical combat in the horrific zombie plague of World War II. It offers many features that make it stand out from most miniatures games.

The game takes just 1 minute to set up, has a very compact playing area (basically an open book), takes 20 to 40 minutes per scenario and is designed with a story matrix that makes it a true "move your own adventure" game. experience.

1x rule book
1x scenario book with over 40 scenarios
1x folder with player aids
19x zombie markers
8x character markers
6x door markers
Field and terrain markers
3x 12-sided dice
33x plastic stands for standees
19x zombie standees
8x character standees
20+ resin hex markers
30x weapon and equipment tokens
Please note: An Escape from Stalingrad Z BOX set is delivered in English.

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