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The Gate


Through me the road to the city of desolation,

Through me the road to sorrows diuturnal,

Through me the road among the lost creation.


Justice moved my great maker; God Eternal

Wrought me:  The Power, and the unsearchably

High Wisdom, and the Prime Love Supernal.


Nothing ere I was made was made to be

Save things eterne, and I eterne abide;

Lay down all hope, You that go in by me.

In the Hollows of the Abyss, the great Lords make war. Vast armies clash endlessly over the tortured landscape battling for power and that most precious commodity, souls. Striding like giants among the Hordes, mighty Archfiends and their terrible Lieutenants reap great ruin, slaughtering their foes over and over again, in bloody practice to storm the Heights from which they had Fallen so long ago...

INFERNO is a miniature game, based on the works of Dante, and expanding upon them. Set in the Wastelands of the Abyss there are Seven Great Lords; each personifies one of the Deadly Sins. The player is a General of one of these Lords, commanding the armies of the INFERNO. Calling upon Arch Fiends, Lieutenants and Hordes to do battles on a scorched and writhing landscape, the General must defeat his opponents with both cunning and strategy.


Inferno, an extreme fantasy tabletop miniatture game, is a relatively simple game to learn with a lot of room to master. 


There are three size classes of figures which are the Archfiends (huge 60 foot tall monstrosities), the Lieutenants who command formations of troops and Hordes which represent squads of human size chaotic troopers and commanded by a Sergeant.


Each Archfiend and Lieutenant has 3 vitalities which are Mental, Physical and Magical. The vitality stat ranges from 1-20. During combat the figure uses up vitality points to preform actions like swinging a sword, casting a spell or blasting an opponent with psionics. Each figure also has a list of weapons, spells, skills and psionic attributes. This is the arsenal which they can delve into when in combat. An Essence score (from 1-20) lists the amount of damage which a figure can take before being destroyed.

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