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Off the shoulder of Orion is a star system which has just become a point of interest to every star faring race in the galaxy. A faint but consistent signal has started to emanate from the 3rd planet circling the sun. It has a peculiar signature which resembles that of an ancient prophecy.


Now the races are mobilizing as the prophecy predicted untold fortunes would come to those who followed the signal to its origin and uncovered its secrets.


As the armadas of each races ships show up along with mercenaries, pirates and various cut throats, tensions begin to rise. A powder keg one might say. It would only take one spark to ignite.

Set on the backdrop of galactic conflict, PAX Galactica is a card based starship battles game. The yet to be released boxed set will include large ship cards with their weaponry and special abilities listed as well as action cards and counters to reflect missiles, fighters and supply. 

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