Classic 35mm Metal Miniatures

A fast paced, squad level miniatures game.

     Originally released in 1992, Legions of Steel was a squad based, metal miniatures warfare experience that grew into an entire line of miniatures, expansion and extras. It is now ready for its' comeback tour with the release of a selection of our legendary metal miniature armies and a set of the print and play rules (including counters, doors, map boards, squad control sheets and more) on Kickstarter.


     Save humanity from a siege of mechanical horror. Play an elite group of Commandos in high tech powered armor on their missions to destroy the base complexes of the Overlord computer. Meanwhile, your opponent maneuvers their horde of robotic minions commanded by ten feet of raw terror, the dreaded Mark 1 Assault Fiend.

     Mechanics are simple. Only six sided dice are required to quickly resolve firefights, but you need more than luck to survive. With Blasters, Deadbolt Launchers, Kinetic Pulse grenades and the Napalm-X Flame Weapon on the field of battle, tactical considerations are many. Before you can out-fight your opponent, you must first out-think them. 

2 or more players

30-60 minutes playing time

LEGIONS of STEEL 2nd Edition


     The plan is to launch our Kickstarter campaign on March 31st and begin production immediately afterward. Our original Canadian based manufacturer, RAFM, is back on board! Based on our long-established relationship and our original masters in hand, we can do this for a low price point and a very quick delivery date. 

Core Set of ten 35mm Minis is ONLY $49 USD.

Miniatures Come unpainted


     As more troops back us on Kickstarter, we will be able to expand our line and offer more amazing metal miniature goodness.


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